Entering Treatment

The Peguis Al-Care Treatment Centre’s Vision is to support and encourage individuals to find the strength within themselves to make sound and decisive choices and changes in their lives that will lead them towards a life free of alcohol and drugs.

Taking the step to enter a program and receive help with an addiction will be the most important and difficult decision an individual will make in their life.

The decision to enter a residential program will not be an easy one as this decision means they would be leaving their partners, children and their home community. For many, this will be scary as many have never left their communities and do not know what to expect.

We must remember that our loved one is taking the step to better themselves and to make a better change in their life not only for themselves but for their whole family.

The individual will be going through many feelings when making this decision, but the most overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame are first foremost and indeed, are the strongest.

It will be so important that the individual who has made the decision to enter treatment, receive the encouragement and support  from their family and friends. This will assist the individual’s decision and will alleviate any stress associated in doing so. This process assists as the individual as they prepare to venture on a new journey in their life.