The Peguis Al-Care Treatment Centre’s Vision is to support and encourage individuals to find the strength within them to make sound, decisive choices and changes in their lives that will lead them towards a life free of alcohol, drugs and substances.


The Peguis Al-Care Treatment Centre’s Mission is to provide a safe, caring, nurturing and healthy environment through the utilization of a unique, comprehensive and traditional program that is based on quality delivered services. To provide the individual with the support, guidance and knowledge that will assist them as they embark on their journey towards recovery and the fulfillment of their desires and dreams of living a drug, alcohol and substance free lifestyle.


We value the “individuals” we serve,
We value the “individuals” spiritual, cultural, traditional beliefs and lifestyles,
We value their families and caregivers,
We value the quality in the service we provide,
We value and strive towards continued improvement in everything we do,
We value participation, teamwork, and involvement by all,
We value our resources, network and community,
We value respect and confidentiality
We value sobriety and living the good life.