History of The Peguis Al-Care Treatment Centre

The Peguis leadership had a vision and dream which was to establish our own treatment facility, which would assist our people to deal with issues relating to alcohol and drugs.

With much perseverance determination and endurance, the vision and dream became a reality and the doors of the new Peguis Al-Care Treatment Centre facility were opened in August 1987.

The Peguis Al-Care Treatment Centre was established to serve all eight reserves of the Interlake Reserves Tribal Council and the surrounding Interlake communities.

The centre was administered by a 13 member Board of Directors and employed 18 people, including several fully trained alcohol treatment counsellors, who fluently spoke Saulteaux or Cree.

We have seen many changes throughout the years since the doors first opened, and we are confident that more positive changes will be established as we move forward and progress with time.

The Peguis Al-Care Treatment Centre staff and board will continue the commitment to reaching further goals, dreams and aspirations that our past leaders embraced, yet always remaining true to providing nothing less than exceptional, professional services to those we serve.